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Thursday, May 7, 2009

May 7, Momma Becky is blogging!

Hello family and friends!

As you can imagine we have been very busy and very distracted, but we have been taking pictures daily and wanted to pass along some favorites.

First, I have to say that Isla is a wonderful baby. For the most part she is sleeping well, eating well, and we're changing plenty of diapers, so she seems to be happy and healthy. While she is waking up and going to sleep she entertains us with her yawns, her little coo's and chirps, stretches and adorable faces. We have spent lots of time just sitting around looking at her. As you can imagine, Greg and I both are just completely in love with her.

I also have to comment on Greg and the delivery since I made so many comments about that before Isla was born. To set the record straight, Greg was amazing during labor, the birth and ever since. During labor he stood by my side comforting and supporting me. He stayed there teary eyed through the birth, encouraging me and soothing my forehead with a cool, wet cloth. And ever since he has been around to help with the baby. He has been changing diapers, getting up at night...he really has been doing everything and anything. He is a wonderful father so far, and I am positive he will only get better. It became clear to me very fast that Isla is going to make up both better people!

I know Greg mentioned in one of his previous blogs (which I loved reading), but thank you all for the sweet and encouraging emails, phone calls, cards, texts, tweets, etc. We loved hearing from so many of our family and friends at such an exciting time.

Ok, so click here to see the latest Kodak Gallery photo album. There are lots of repetitive pictures but they are all so cute.

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