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Friday, May 1, 2009

Isla Patrina Ortyl

Well world, she's here!! Isla Patrina Ortyl entered our lives this afternoon at 4:16pm Mountain Time weighing in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces and a lanky 19 3/4 inches. She has really dark hair and a TON of it and is just absolutely adorable.

Isla is pronounced /eye-luh/ and is Scottish. Becky just heard the name somewhere along the line and loved it. Click on the link below or paste into your browser for more about her unique name:

Patrina is my Grandma Ortyl's given name. She has always gone by Patricia, but her name as given to her by her parents was Patrina. Grandma, although in her late 80s acts like she's in her early 30s. Becky and I both adore her immensely. We can only hope our little Isla Patrina has as much energy and passion and impact on this world as Grandma Ortyl has. We love you Grandma! Here's pic of Grandma in between her sister Lucy Mertens and my Aunt Patti Ortyl.

Becky was a freaking ROCK STAR today! The contractions were very intense, starting around 11:30am this morning when her water broke. Our doula arrived around 1pm and the contractions worsened, only about 2 minutes apart. FINALLY, she received her epidural. The contractions were very painful during the shot, but it was well worth it. Beck was finally able to relax after that and even took a quick nap. She was dialated to 3 centimeters at 2:30pm and started pitocin. As the doula was massaging her around 3:30pm, she felt like the baby was coming. We called the doctor in and sure enough, Isla was ready! Within 45 minutes, she was here. It was an amazing experience. Surprisingly, I not only stayed in the delivery room the whole time, but I didn't pass out. I could not believe how strong Becky was - she didn't want to stop pushing. And, not surprisingly, a few minutes after delivery, she looked like she does every day - just sweet and beautiful as always. You can see how great she looks in the pictures, I can't say it enough, she was AMAZING!

Here is Becky from about 7pm tonight in between feedings. My two adorable girls!

Here is a video I took of little Isla taking a break from's maybe 45 seconds long. She's clearly discontent being away from her mommy.

Here's another picture with her eyes open (something she's done rarely her first few hours on planet Earth).
Finally, here are my girls, both enjoying a VERY well-earned nap! (sorry for picture quality, it was the photographer's fault)

For more great pictures from the first hour of little Isla's life, click on the link below or paste it into your browser:

We want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for all of your thoughtful emails, texts, tweets, IMs, phone calls, letters and vibes over the last nine months. We love you all.

This will conclude the babyortyl blog. Thanks for following along.....

JUST KIDDING!!!! Beck will be back with a VENGEANCE once she can get around better. I might have time to blog once or twice more while here at the hospital too.

Thanks again everyone!!!
Greg, Becky and Isla Ortyl (and Ashby)

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