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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Isla P, Day 3

The big news of today is that I am typing from the comfort of our home. Although the folks at Rose were generally nice, we were definitely done with that place.

We got some decent sleep last night as Isla spent four hours in the nursery after a good, long 30 minute feeding. We were doing a lot of administrative stuff this morning like filling out the birth certificate application, having a final check up from the OBGYN and pediatrician and packing our bags full of supplies. We really spared nothing when it came to what constituted "supplies". We took the big water bottles, we took formulas, syringes, blankets, ointments, motrin, you name it. And like Connie said as we were leaving, we still probably got charged for a bunch of stuff we never used.

But the important part of the day was having the OBGYN and pediatrician confirming Isla's health and Becky's health, respectively. I had the privilege of getting Isla P all strapped in her pumpkin seat (picture below) and Connie took another good picture of us right before we left our luxurious hospital room (I think the love seat we're on was salvaged from a yard sale; yep, that was my bed the last two nights).

The sad news of the day was that Beck's sisters Christina (T) and Sarah (Sal) left to go back to DC and Tulsa. I'm not sure why Sal had to go back, she only left four boys back home?? And she's pregnant with another one! Well, truth be told, we all hope it's a baby girl so Isla P has a cousin her age to play with, but after four straight boys, ya never know! She finds out May 21st!But we loved having them here and it was awesome that they were able to take time away from their own busy days to fly out here to Denver on short notice to help out. We really, really appreciated their help and love them both. Isla misses you two already!

Luckily we have Becky's mom, Connie, still here. She's been the jill-of-all-trades this weekend helping with the baby at the hospital, making food runs, cleaning up around the house, grocery shopping, cooking and even some gardening as you can kind of see here. We had some dead plants in two planters out in front of our house, so Connie hit Home Depot on the way back from the hospital, got some girly, pink flowers and pink ribbon and planted the flowers and wrapped the planters in the ribbon. Ashby just loved watching and usual.

My parents are teed up and ready to make the trek out here whenever we give them the greenlight. We weren't sure how we'd want to stagger the help, so they were nice enough to be on standby for whenever we needed them. We're chatting tomorrow about what makes sense. We're definitely looking forward to seeing them and Isla is too!

The most interesting part of the day was bringing Isla home to our "other" girl, Ashby. For those of you who made fun of us for five years about how dog crazy we were and how you couldn't wait till we had kids because we took so many pictures of the dog and "believe you me" you won't be taking any more pictures of that dog, well, you were wrong. You all will be seeing many pictures in the coming years like these three girls!

Ashby was incredibly welcoming to Isla and about sniffed her little cap right off head! You can see her tail wagging like crazy.
I think it's safe to say, Ashby loves Isla. It almost looks as if she's smiling at the baby girl.

Finally, here's a video showing Ashby's first intro to baby Isla.

Throughout all of the excitement, Isla P was, again, relatively unimpressed.

This is one of my favorite pics of her yet, she is just so damn cute I can't stand it. Wait until you meet her!

And of course as guest blogger, here is the obligatory daddy's little girl picture. Even her cry makes me smile!

We finally got some decent pics of Isla with her eyes open. She certainly seems to have her pappa's scowl. Do you think? Wish I had this right-side up, you'd see the scowl better.

A lot of you know how handy I am around the house (NOT!), so I thought you'd be curious to know that I, alone, put together Isla's motorized swing this afternoon and it works! It was the most impressed my wife has been with me since....well, maybe ever!
Anyway, Connie made us some pizza tonight, which hit the spot. Beck and I got a couple hours of shut-eye after that and Beck just gave Isla a good ol' feeding of about 40 minutes, so we're heading off to bed for a couple more hours of sleep.

This week should be awesome. Isla has been great and Becky's milk is starting to come in so Isla should have plenty of nourishment upcoming, which will only make her happier and sleepier! Hopefully we'll get more photo opps like this one.

We're expecting some thunderstorms the next couple of days, so it will be good to get in a routine here at home, but 70s and sunny for several days straight later in the week - perfect for a walk with a stroller over to Washington Park, can't wait for that.

As always, we have 7,983 pictures via this link here, so feel free to check them out (not really 7,983...that was my weak attempt at humor, you see). This was definitely the best patch of pictures yet.

My Grandma Ortyl doesn't have Internet access or a computer, so she has yet to see any pictures of her "middle" namesake, so Beck and I are overnighting our favorite pictures to her tomorrow so by Tuesday-ish, Grandma Patrina should be teary-eyed over pics of Isla Patrina.

Also, this is one for my parents more than anyone. It's a video of little Isla fussin' and cryin' and squirmin'....I'm sure all of you don't have the tolerance to listen to a 60-second clip of a baby crying, but TRUST ME, my parents will LOVE it, just like we did watching her. She can do no wrong right now!

OK, I added one more video. This is one of Isla doing one of my favorite things that she does - YAWNING!

Thanks for reading again. I definitely CANNOT keep this pace up on this blog, so these are about the three best blogs you might get for a while. I'm getting WAY too into these things, especially as a "guest" blogger. I'm sure my buddies will let me hear about it too, no doubt. Anyway, hope you enjoyed them. Also, Beck wanted me to pass along that there are some housekeeping things she'll address later this week. For instance, we have THREE winners for "when will the baby be born" contest, so she'll have to figure out what grand prizes they will be awarded (hospital blankets? syringes? pink Home Depot flowers? Ashby-haired baby caps?....we'll soon find out!).
OH! Feel free to post comments here. There should be a little hyperlink right below this blog that you can click on to post comments. I know Beck would love to hear from some of you.
Good night!
-The Ortyls


  1. Greg! Thanks for keeping us posted on everything! I miss all you guys so much already! Wish I could be there to help out! Don't forget to remind Isla P that I'm her favorite aunt (sorry, sal)at least once a day!


    But seriously, I think it's wonderfully delightfully magical that there's a little Isla out in the world right now. I wish her happy days and nights all her life long.

    Love to all four of you!