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Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend highlights:

Laughing with girlfriends.

Jen's delic seven layer pink cake.

Holly's meat and cheese spread.

Mary Clare's hand me down shoes. (Pics coming soon!)

Baby Jane.

Staying up late, chatting with sisters and mother.

A great name suggestion by Abbey for Baby O: Diamond Blue (note the necklace I was wearing!)

Eating at Revival. Ribs & Potato chip cookies. Double YUM.

Each and every guest on Saturday.

A handmade blanket from Mom

A heirloom from Cathy.

The BIG surprise that really was a surprise!

A beautiful family quilt from Momma Jane.

Each and every guest on Sunday.

Hearing Grandma Ortyl tell me that her water broke! (a silly game we played on Sunday which involved Mardi Gras babies frozen in ice)

Having G'ma Ortyl talk to my belly (She instructed Baby O to flip, "Listen hear sweetheart....")

Shani's sugar cookies.

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