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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursdays Update....

Several things to report on:

1. Had a Dr's appt the morning, and the Dr. thinks Baby O is now head down! I go back in 2 weeks and that is when we will really find out where she is and what she has been up to.

2. Denver is the the midst of a full blown spring Blizzard! We were supposed to have several guests flying in the this weekend, but flights were cancelled so we are guest-less and bummed out. (This was supposed to be a guys golfing weekend for Greg and some friends!)

Greg documented the snow this morning.....

3. Our Mail lady (completely bundled up) just delivered a little package. It was from Bill Fox and Jan Christine, Becky's Dad and Step Mom. Gramma Jan made Baby Ortyl the most beautiful quilt and door hanger. I had to share pics! Thank You Dad and Jan!! Greg and I LOVE what you have made! XOXO!

The package, notice the glitter, standard for any Fox/Christine package. (I sprinkled this in front of Greg's office, it is sure to drive him a little crazy!)

The quilt and door hanger
The details on the quilt are just amazing and completely flawless!

Maybe I will hang this on my door for awhile!!

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