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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update: Flipping Baby O!

{A little asymmetrical, with more of a bump to the right of my right foot}

On Tuesday I had a Dr's appointment. My weight was good, belly measured exactly where it should be, and baby's heart sounded good. However, the Dr didn't find the heartbeat low on my belly where it should have been, it was higher over my belly button (or what used to be a belly button!) The Doc felt my belly, asked some questions and said she thinks Baby O is breech! That might explain why I haven't felt any karate chops to the ribs I suppose.

So, Baby O has a few weeks left to flip over, or I might just flip out! Not really, I'm not worried at this point, but please say some little prayers that she flips. Greg talked to her last night and threatened that she will be grounded if she doesn't get that little hiney up!

Later that day I stood up after sitting for awhile and froze in my tracks, I had the weirdest sensation in my belly. I thought it might be a contraction. I looked down and my belly was very asymmetrical with a big bump on the right side...I grabbed the camera and snapped a shot but she had already moved. I was hoping she had flipped, but I'm still feeling all of her movement really low.

Last, we had Child birthing class #2 last night. We learned some more breathing techniques, and learned about the different stages of labor. Again, I learned a bunch and was happy to be there. In the beginning of class, Martha our teacher dimmed the lights and showed us a 20 minute film which showed part of childbirth. Nothing too graphic but more than what you would see on TLC. At one point I turned around to check on Greg and his face was illuminated blue from his cell phone! Information overload, so why not send an email or two?! I have to give him lots of credit though. For one, he showed up after class #1, and two, he gave me a wonderful shoulder and back massage while we were practicing our new breathing techniques.

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  1. c
    Into shape
    Shape it up
    Get straight
    Go forward
    Move that head
    Try to flip over
    Its not too late
    To Flip it
    Flip it good

    Baby O please turn around
    You must flip it
    You will never live it down
    Unless you flip it
    No one gets away
    Until they flip it!

    Now Flip it! Come on baby O...