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Monday, April 30, 2012

Oakesie is awake!!

We are so thankful, Oakes is awake and he seems to be doing great.

Yesterday his paralytic was lifted and he was giving us little smiles as he was opening his eyes, it was perfection!

Greg spent lots of time with him yesterday and Isla and I spent time with him today so he has seen us all.

His numbers all look great, his meds and vent are being weaned, but his upper right lung seems to be struggling. It has been collapsed for days, but his X-ray this morning looked worse than the day before. We can see fluid (likely blood, or clotted old blood) in his lung so there is talk about doing a little laparoscopic surgery to remove the fluid. No one is freaking about the fluid or the lung right now, but if this isn't resolved then an injured lung could be an enormous, gigantic issue for us.

So, while Oakes' team figures that out, we intend to love all over Oakes, participate in as many therapies as we can, get him up and moving, talk to him, giggle with him and let him know that we are excited to get back on track!

Three Ortyls +  one little chair = heaven. 

Our other exciting news to share is that our little Isla P is three. We loved the twos and are hoping the threes are just as exciting, joyful and entertaining for all of us! Happy Birthday, Isla!
The last day of being two!

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