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Monday, April 23, 2012

Another smidge.

We were flooded with emails, voice mails, texts, Facebook comments all day not to mention friendly smiles and kind words at Isla's school from so many people telling us that they were thinking about us, praying for us, sending healing thoughts and heartstrings and we have been touched by each and every one of you that has reached out to us. 

I had to follow up on yesterdays post and share that again today we have moved another smidge in the right direction. O has been stable all day, the most exciting thing that happened today was that he pooped up to his shoulders, a skill that not one person on the floor really appreciates! Oakes is still tolerating his feeds, he peed a bunch over night and then again today, his chest tube drained very little and they made a tiny wean on the vent which he has tolerated. One of the vent settings has been set on 19, and we can lift that paralytic once it gets to 16. So today they went to 18 and O is holding his own. Maybe tomorrow we will get to 17?

Again, thanks for all of the LOVE. Becky

He just looks better today and his new NIRS sticker says it all, "Something Special!"

He is still as cute as can be!

Oakes wasn't the only one that had a good day. Ena is in town and she and Isla were busy in the garden today!


  1. Great to get the positive update. Continued prayers from the Forresters

  2. Grateful for each and every smidge! All those prayers for pee must have "leaked" over to pooping, too, I guess. ;)

    Continuing to surround you with MI love!