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Monday, December 19, 2011

On the upswing

{Oakes tonight}

Just a quick update to let everyone know that Oakes is doing better. Much better. He has thankfully had a few really good days. Dialysis has been working and since Friday he has lost 4 lbs in fluid, and for his little 20 lb body, that is pretty significant. He came out of the paralytic on Sunday morning and has been awake ever since. They started feeding him again and he should be back to full feed by tomorrow night. They are also slowly weaning his vent.

I spent several hours with him today, and got to hold him for some time. I saw huge smiles, lots of laughing, thumb sucking, everything that I could have hoped for. In fact Oakes was so active kicking and moving around that he rotated 45 degrees in his crib, which is a first.

Since isolation was lifted for our family, I have absolutely LOVED walking right into Oakes room when I visit. I love knowing that he can see my entire face, he can see me smiling and see all of my facial features. But the best part of losing isolation, which I didn't anticipate is that I don't have to wear gloves. I have cheated with the mask for some time now, when I was smiling I couldn't always help myself and would pull my mask down, but the times that my skin has touched Oakes over the last 5 months have been few. It brought tears to my eyes to put my hand on his back and feel his perfect baby soft skin, to run my fingertips over his head and feel his hair, and let him hold my bare finger as he drifted off to sleep.

SO much to be thankful for .
XOXO, Becky


  1. Wonderful news!!! So glad he's doing better!!

  2. Wonderful update - so happy to hear :)

  3. Such a wonderful update to read! You all have been in my thoughts and prayers daily and will continue to be.

  4. It is wonderful to hear that he is doing so much better! I know that being able to touch him with your bear hands is wonderful and I am so happy for you! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy, HEALTHY New Year!!!

  5. My heart is just melting reading this. How incredible to be able to touch him and smile at him with no barriers. All the "little" things are so huge!

  6. So glad to hear that the fluid coming off is heading things in the right direction. Continued prayers for a very quiet Christmas. Many prayers continue for you all.

  7. Awesome! So happy to hear this good news & SO happy you both get to have the healing power of touch restored...

    Continuing to pray for Oakes as always
    ~Julie Nunn

  8. Forget prayers for boring--I'm moving on to prayers for kicking, squirming, cooing and patty-caking! So happy to ready this and so happy for that skin to skin time....soak it in!

  9. Fantastic news. I was actually just thinking today how much I love rubbing my cheek on Ella's skin. She thinks I'm playing, but I know the truth. So glad for you both; I'm sure it's healing on both ends. Here's to lots more movement, smiles, touch, and good days.