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Thursday, December 1, 2011

2:30pm Update

Looking to make another 180 degree turn....Oakes' MRI results came back and his brain is BEAUTIFUL!!!

They did see in the scan that there is a little fluid on the outside of the left side of his brain that indicates a small bleed at some time, but nothing significant or alarming. They could also tell that his brain is not a normal size, it is a little smaller than normal, but given all that he has gone thought and the fact that we have slowed his development with all of the surgeries, sedation and paralytic, this is expected. And with therapy, over time we can overcome this.

Overall, amazing, and great news!

Since returning to our room, Oakes has woken up from the paralytic and is doing great. No real smiles, but he has been snoozing a bit, sucking his thumb, and interacting with all of us when he has been awake. Oakes even had a very special surprise visitor who was here when Dr. Oren came in to share the good news, who he could not keep his eyes off of!

We have been feeling the love today. Feeling the prayers, the good energy, the long distance love and tugs to our heart string....thank you all!

Nicole, a dear friend and therapist here at Children's, stopped by at just the right time today. Oakes loved her & the artwork that Paige & Clayton mailed to us months ago...of course, it has been hanging on the wall for Oakes to look at this whole time!


  1. Amazing news. Thanks for the update. Prayers will continue your way.

  2. So thankful for good news. Oakes is pulling out all the stops in his usual mighty fashion! Continuously tugging on those heartstrings. Your MI family is loving you all.

  3. Awesome news - Hang tight on that roller coaster and know all the thoughts and prayers continue. Saw Oakes' debut in the W-K Times! What a great piece - and his pics are great.

  4. Awesome news. So maybe it is just that he's been on all these meds for so long that it is going to take time to get him off them - he's done so many amazing things that have defied all their numbers and predictions - he continues to baffle them. Slow and steady Oakes - just like a mighty tree!

  5. So so happy to see this update! You can do it Oakes!
    Lots of love,
    Jake, Morghan, Hayden (3), and Ozzie (18 months)

  6. The little engine that could does it again-toooot toooot!!