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Monday, November 7, 2011


The bidding has begun!

To view and bid on auction items, go to our auction website: 32
First, create an account, it takes a minute, just enter your email, no payment info required.
Then click on "view and auction", and when prompted the auction ID and password are the following: auction ID: Mighty, auction password: Oakes

Just a peek of what we have on the auction site right now.

This beautifully beaded Madonna was hand-beaded by Michelle Milligan of Edmond Oklahoma. She is a friend of Connie Fox, Oakes' grandma. She has been beading images of the Madonna for 7 years, and only beads clothes and the background, never her face or hands. This image has been professionally framed. The following is a quote from the artist:
"7 years ago, Mary spoke to me and told me that if I started to adorn her with beads and prayer, my life would get better. Thus began my journey of prayer and meditation through art.
"Each piece takes from 6 months to a year to complete, depending on the size. The beads are applied one by one, in tiny patches, as the glue dries quickly. With each bead placed, I pray for peace, understanding, and healing of our world. I feel that each piece is infused with a special power that can only come with prayer. Mary does not disappoint. My life has healed in miraculous ways. The new caretakers of my work also report great peace.
"I chose this particular piece for our Mighty Oakes and for all the special tiny ones, as they do their healing work lying down. I visualize Mary holding a sacred blanket of healing above them, constantly comforting them and blessing them."

This tote is a STEAL! Enjoy this very gently-used Coach Signature Multicolor Stripe Tote Bag. Originally $268, this bag could be yours for pennies on the dollar! Perfect as an every-day purse or save it for special occassions when you need to add a splash of color! Or, surprise someone you love with a "Just Because" gift! She'll love you for it!

Saint Louis University is very special place in Oakes' life! His momma, Becky, and poppa, Greg, met while attending Saint Louis University and that is where their love story began! While a student at SLU, Greg was a member of the baseball team. Donated by a fellow team member, Jeff Ray and his wife, Cindy, this professionally-framed jersey brings back memories of the fun and crazy roadtrips the Billikens embarked upon during their years at SLU!

This beautiful quilt, handcrafted with love, was made by a cousin of Jane Ortyl, Oakes' grandma. Shirley "Cookie" Crosby was a quilter her whole life. She suffered from ALS for nearly 7 years and sadly, she passed away just 2 weeks ago. But before she passed, Cookie gave Jane this quilt and asked that it be auctioned to benefit the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation.

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