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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Online Auction.

In addition to the fundraiser that we are having here in St.Louis, we have also put a few amazing items online for bidding for our out of town family and friends. Please visit our online auction at After you sign in, you can view the items by entering, Auction ID: Mighty, and Auction Password: Oakes

Bidding ends November 19th. We will be adding a few more items, so please check back in every now and then!

Weekend update on Oakes: He is still doing great! Oakes' peep vent setting is down to 8, he's tolerating the change just fine, his number still look great. They started weaning his Heliox overnight, so by the end of the day that should be off. They have also increased Oakes' feeds and he is tolerating that just fine. All good from St. Louis Children's Hospital. XOXO

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