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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10pm update.

Oakes is tucked in bed and ready for a super boring night.

Dr E shared that he tolerated tonight's ballooning "100 times better than Monday". Good news. Moving forward we will either balloon weekly and see what results we get or start pushing for the biodegradable stents, there will be a conference tomorrow to discuss.

Dr. E was not able to place a new broviac or med line as they had planned. Unfortunately, Oakes has clotting and scar tissue in his veins and arteries from everything that he has already undergone so after nearly 3 hours of trying to place a line his frustrated team stopped. Instead, Oakes will go to the Cath lab with Dr E and Dr. Balzer possibly on Friday to place a line. Not ideal, but nothing to crazy either.

Going to bed thankful for good news this far, then up to the hospital in the morning for the MRI.

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