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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A very good week!

So, our Oakesie has had a great week.

To start, two weeks ago last Wednesday Oakes had gone to the OR for a bronch, biopsy and balloning on a new paralytic. When he came back they turned off his paralytic and we expected that he would wake up in about an hour, like he always has in the past. However this new paralytic has to be broken down by the kidneys and since his aren't working so great, it took 5 days for him to wake up. So this past Monday, I went into his room, like I always do, I dropped my bags in one of the chairs, walked to his bedside, kissed him on the forehead and by the time I stood up he had slowly started to open his little peepers. He looked groggy, and his eyes were uncoordinated, but I was so happy to see those eyes. He is still a little groggy, he is not 100% himself, but he is looking great! His left eye, as you will see, is still a little uncoordinated, a little lazy, but it seems to be improving daily, which is good news.

So this past Monday when I chatted with his nurse, I can't remember who it was, I told her I had big plans to hold him every day this past week. And in fact, Oakes and I have had a "week of love & snuggles." I have mentioned it here before, but it is great medicine for both of us!

On Wednesday Oakes had a bronch and biopsy. The procedure went well, his airways still look a little narrow but they didn't balloon them. Still debating about stents, no decisions have been made. More good news for the week, is that Oakes' numbers have been great. His heart rate has been the lowest that it has been in a long time, so are his CO levels. He is still getting lots of support from the vent, but that has been slowly weaned over the weekend and he seems to be handling that pretty well. We will be going to the Cath lab this week to measure pressures and see how his heart is doing after starting then giving him nearly a month on the thyroid medicine. Praying there is improvement in his heart function. This would be HUGE.

The other plans for the week are to get Oakes ready for Halloween. He has a handful of costumes, and I plan to dress him up and take pics all week long. Of course, I will post the parade of costumes as I document them!

The other news is that Oakes' 2 front upper teeth are in a race to see which one cam break through first. My guess is that it will be the left one. I had mentioned that one of his upper teeth had broken the skin after he was extubated and got his trach, but I was wrong. At the time there was some irritation to his upper gum from the breathing tube, but this time it is for real. And I am loving the normal baby milestones!!

That is the brief update for now. When I could have been blogging I was snapping pictures, I know you will enjoy! I have not felt this good in months. I am so happy and so relieved that we have had some quiet and boring days recently. Looking forward to another week of love and snuggles. (Oh, and now that Oakes is awake and smiling we are going to try to get back to the garden this week!!)

Love to all of Oakes' friends!

Isla, Oakes and the Rally squirrel!

We were all working hard to get a smile out of Oakes, but it was Isla that he got excited about!

Both of my kiddos together! The last time they laid side by side Oakes was 2 months old and he was at home! Oakes is now 7 1/2 months old!

Melt my heart!

Isla is going to be a "nice bat" for Halloween. Several weeks ago I made her costume, and a matching one for Oakesie. Before heading to the hospital she told me she wanted to bring her wings to show the nurses.

Oakes and I on Saturday. I had his back to my chest and we were reading books. All of the books that I have read to Isla when she was itty bitty. Oakes enjoyed it so much he dozed off...mission accomplished!
And when he woke up, he was in costume!

My other "nice bat"

Word spread that Oakes was in costume, and there must have been 6 nurses in his room, ooing and aahhhing at the cuteness. And then, Shelley got the smiles and giggles going. It made my day to see such big and happy smiles!

Just a few of Oakes' girlfriends!

Another snuggle session with Isla. Another nap as the result of story time!

Getting comfy!
While Oakes snoozed, Isla read quietly to herself.

Smiles today.
Finally, heading home. Isla with her Oakes Tshirt on, and pushing her shopping cart.

These are videos that I took today while I was there. Of course, Oakes smiled much more when the camera was off, but I got some of the cuteness on film....


  1. So thankful for a good week! Love the costumes, they are both so adorable! The videos are absolutely precious, I love that Oakes is awake and smiling. Can't wait to see the costumes (and hopefully some toothy grins!)
    MI love,

  2. We love all of the awesome updates and love all of you!

  3. Awesome pictures and a great update to read! Sounds like Oakes has his own plan for taking steps forward! More love and well wishes from Ohio, we love reading these updates!

    He is one amazing kid, and I think he has tons more to show us he is capable of and many more positive surprises going forward!

  4. Love that beautiful smile. What a great big sister Isla is to Oakes. IT's what big sisters do, love on their siblings. More happy times, lots of pis and smiles. The oak trees in Michigan are beautiful and every day on my walk I see the little acorns and send prayers and deep breathes to Oakes.

  5. Becky,

    We just watched the videos. Alex and I want to speak for Oakesie. We think he wants to say "give me my thumb back!" Your cousins in Phillies territory.

  6. This was the best thing we've read in a long time! So happy and hopeful for more boring weeks to give Oakes a chance to catch up. He is an amazing baby! Sending more good thoughts and energy your way! Best, Jake, Morghan, Hayden (3) and Ozzie (17months)

  7. Glad to hear of a smoother week with lots of hugs and smiles! Hugs, breaths and prayers continue!

  8. Heartwarming and hilarious!!! Love your baby talk... cute cute cute videos!