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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Great Day for the Ortyls!

More details to follow, but for now here are some "behind the scenes" shots. We will have to wait two - three weeks for the final images.

XOXO, One happy Momma, Becky

Getting ready for the walk.

The stroller brigade!

Isla climbing on the rock wall at the park.

Oakes getting dressed to go to the garden.

Minimal amount of "stuff" on his face, and dressed like his Pappa!

Leaving the CICU for the garden!

Dr. Gazit, our attending doctor was with us the entire time

Isla and Ena watching as Oakes came out of the elevator.

Holding Oakes as everyone figured out the best set up.

6 CICU staffers brought us up, stayed with us, then brought us back. Our trip took about an hour, but I think everyone agreed that it was a GREAT hour!

Ena held a diffuser for the photographer for almost the entire time! Thank you Ena!!

Once we got back to the CICU, Isla was feeling the love and passing it out!


  1. So glad! Hope to see pics soon. Love, Jake, Morghan, Hayd (3) and Ozzie (17mo)

  2. Breathtaking. So beautiful and touching. - The White Family

  3. Well, if this isn't the most incredibly beautiful event I've ever seen I don't know what is.

  4. sweet sister! you have such a beautiful family and I'm sooooo thankful for all the people who made today happen for you guys! I'm sending many prayers of thanks!!!

  5. Happy tears for the Ortyls. What an amazing day for you all.
    Love the last picture of Isla giving lots of love.
    You have two beautiful children.

  6. Such an incredible amount of beauty and love in all of these pictures!!!! We are so thankful and happy that today was possible. What a special day for everyone!!! xoxo, Emily and Jennie

  7. So thankful for a beautiful day for you all. I got tears in my eyes at the pictures of you holding Oakes with no "gear" on! What an amazing team effort by everyone making this happen for you. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos, these are truly incredible!
    Love from your MI fam,

  8. It is truly amazing that all the staff coordinated such an event to make it happen! It speaks volumes about the Children's CICU! So glad the weather and everything worked to have such a memorable experience. Just beautiful. The prayers keep coming for you all.

  9. Gorgeous, Becky! Thought of you lots yesterday....happy you had incredible weather and got to snuggle with Oakes. I love the pictures but that one of Isla sharing the love is awesome--too cute!

  10. Becky, I can feel the outpouring of your love and happiness in your pictures. Thanks for sharing!