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Monday, October 24, 2011


Nurse Tammy was taking care of Oakesie today and in her words, "He had a beautiful day!" I held him for a long time, we read books then he snoozed a bit, he got all new lines for his meds, clean sheets, and a little sponge bath from Momma. He also swung for a little over an hour, listened to a CD of Peter Pan, and finally we had a mini photo shoot. No complaints. In addition, we found out that there will not be a visit to the Cath lab this week, but tomorrow he will go to the OR with Dr. E for a little balloon dilation. Planning on an uneventful visit. The results came back from the biopsy, all negative, showing NO rejection. Still waiting for results from the stain that shows if Compliment is still around, but that doesn't seem likely. Oakes upper left tooth is in the house...I should say "in the mouth." My guess is the the right one breaks on through tomorrow. Yay for four teeth!! Also we have been given permission to take BACK to the garden at the end of the week for another photo session now that he is awake and smiling!

When I got to Oakes' room he was snoozing!

Then a happy boy when he woke up!

Snoozing again in the swing.

Could he look more comfortable?

Hugs from Tammy!

And here is Part 1 of the Halloween photo shoot:

Suggested by 7 year old, Harry Moriarty, "cause Oakes has some cool pirate scars!" Aaarrgg!

Oakes as a Fox cub. A sucky thumb Fox cub.

Oakes with his acorn hat on!

And last, Oakes as an Oak.

And here is Isla dressed up like a bouquet for flowers for her first Halloween. She was 6months old here. To see more of her Halloween pics, click here.


  1. He is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! I am so glad to hear the good update! Happy, happy Halloween to your sweet little ones!
    Mel Rush

  2. So happy to read this update! Yeah for Oakes and the Ortyl's. I've been meaning to write for days now. It's difficult for me to admit as a Cubs fan, but I've been rooting for the Cardinals, and it's all because of you guys. Go Cards! And Go Mighty Oakes!

  3. I'm so delighted to see his beautiful smile and bright eyes! I'm so happy for you all and can't wait to get my paws on him. Big kisses and hugs to the Ortyl crew from the Butz gang. Love you so much and am so grateful for Oakes' ongoing progress! <3