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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tango Card....I LOVE this!

If you are buying or expect to receive gift cards this year, you have to look into Tango Card Tango Card is the simplest and most complete way to manage and use your gift cards. I love Gift cards, but we all know the downsides. They can be hard to organize and keep track of, which often means we don’t use all (or any) of the Gift Card’s value. I have a second wallet, full of gift cards that I carry around with me, but I still seem to forget to use them when I am out. Tango Card has a web site and an iPhone application that allows you to register all of your gift cards (I don't have an iPhone yet, but the site alone works great for me). They provide a variety of ways to easily check your gift card balances. Perhaps most importantly, they email you once a quarter reminding you of the gift cards you have and providing direct links to the retailer’s sites so you can immediately use your cards. They have a special 2009 Holiday Card at urging all of us to make 2009 the last year where Billions of dollars of Gift Card value gets wasted.
In my quest to simplify and organize I'm thrilled with this convenient site! Check it out!

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