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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Isla Is Seven Months.

She is sweeter than ever.

On December 1st Isla turned 7 months. She is sweeter than ever. We are still so in love with her. I didn't post her 6 month update, but a lot has changed with our little lady in the past two months. As you can see she is sitting, and with wonderful posture. When she is on her belly, she can easily hold her head up for quite some time, and has started squirming around from side to side. Isla now waves and claps her hands. She makes all kinds of sweet sounds and recently started saying "da" and she will repeat it over and over again. She has two little teeth and I think it will be no time at all until her top teeth come through. Isla knows her name now, and will turn her head and smile if she hears her name. She loves standing with assistance. She is now in a big car seat, no more pumpkin seat to haul around! She now sits in the bathtub rather than being reclined, and she loves playing and splashing. She also sits in shopping carts and holds on while I push her around and loves the big shiny balloons at the check out line. Isla is eating baby food, finger food and all kinds of table food. She loves fruit, but she gladly eats whatever we offer her. She has also been drinking water from a sippy cup, and will even drink from a big cup. She no longer fusses at the child center at our gym, and she loves our time at Little Gym. She still loves Ashby, and lights up when Greg enters a room. She loves when we sing to her. She is currently getting her fill of Christmas carols, but Itsy Bitsy Spider is a favorite as is the Baby Bumblebee song. It seems like each month is fun than the last!

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  1. And she is about to outgrow her bloomers!!! yea!