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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Just For Our Records. (Stuff from the sidebar)

What Becky Craved When Pregnant with Isla:
Ribs from Revival, YUM!
Shani's sugar cookies, Double YUM!
Grannie Smith apples with really sharp cheddar cheese
Roasted Red pepper sandwich
Key Lime Pie
Fresh pinapple
Chick-Fil-A (???)
Those inexpensive vanilla cookies, kind of like an oreo but vanilla
Nordstrom cafe fries and olive aioli
An occasional Milkshake
Roasted Beets
Tons of water
Fresh crunchy mango
Proscutto and Mozzarella
Cold milk (I have never liked this in my life!)

Guess when Baby Ortyl will be born and win a prize!! Email Becky your guess, deadline April 19.
Becky Ortyl, May 3 (due date)
Nicki Vitale, April 21
Shani Wahl, April 23
Greg Ortyl, April 27
Dave Leeds, April 27 (his Bday!)
Sarah Broermann, April 28, (Beau's BDay!)
Dale Moore, April 30
**Connie Fox Moore, May 1 (May day)
**Ellen Moriarty, May 1 (her Bday!)
**Colleen McShane, May 1
Funke's, May 2 (Funke Anniversary/Derby day)
Jill Woods, May 4
Tina Fox, May 5 (cinco de mayo)
Julie Valerius, May 5 (cause she loves the Margaritas!)
Anna "the witch" Eberhardt, May 6
Lisa Donato, May 6
Jean Yancey, May 8
Holly McDowell, May 9 (actually Peter Fox's Bday!)
Bill Fox, April 9
Jan Christine, April 10
Kitty Broermann, May 10 (mom's day)

Books Isla Loves:
Creatures by Andrew Zuckerman. Get it at Pottery Barn Kids, Amazon or your local book store.
10 Little Ladybugs, by Melanie Gerth
Tails, by Matthew Van Fleet (she loves the peacock!)

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