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Saturday, July 21, 2012

One year ago today

We had no idea that we would get THE call on this day. We spent the morning in jammies, hanging out, and Isla was excited to share her puzzle with her little brother.

Oakes had only been home for a day and half when we got the call, so here is was 3pm and we were still in our jammies. This was after we got the call, and right before we left for the hospital. 

Once we were admitted we went straight to 7West to wait. This was maybe taken at 6pm right after Dr. Huddleston came in to talk to us about the surgery but before the team left to retrieve the lungs. 

He could not have been any cuter or any sweeter.

And this was at about 3am. Sarah and my Mom arrived and within the hour I carried Oakes down to the OR.

In some ways these images break my heart. Oakes was so small, so sweet and in my eyes, so perfect. But in other ways my heart swells with pride. He is my little warrior baby, stronger than I would have ever guessed and more resilient than anyone I have ever known. This was the beginning of such an important part of his life and his story, and about the time that my perspective changed about what a gift each and every breath we all take really is.

Had to share.


  1. My heart breaks for you!

  2. It's so amazing to see these beautiful pictures and realize just how little he was and how much he grew with his new lungs! You can see how much he was loved, and how much joy he brought to family and friends, and what an impact he had on so many people, even before transplant. Tugging on those heart strings today, to St. Louis and all the way to heaven. Thinking of you, always, and sending MI love.