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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oakes' Friend, Rowan.

I have a special request from all of you.

Please pray for baby Rowan, his big sister Evelyn and parents Elle & Matt.

We met Rowan and his family in the CICU during the holidays last year, and immediately became friends. Elle and I have laughed together, we have shared details about our kids constantly, we have checked up on each other, consoled each other and numerous times we have cried together. About two weeks ago, Elle shared with me that Rowan who is 7 months old, and has spent most of his life in the hospital, would be going home one last time receiving hospice care.

I am in Tulsa visiting my sister and her family, which is where Rowan's family lives, so I had the privilege of visiting their house this morning. There house was full of peace and love. Evelyn was all smiles, Rowan slept peacefully and Elle and Matt and I have time to chat. I think it was a theraputic visit for everyone.

Elle posted this later on Facebook:

"Today, Rowan rapidly begin to shut down. He has not been awake. He is sleeping and peaceful.
Hospice did come see him.  They believe that he will probably pass within the next 24 hours.
We have lit his candle, along with our candles to burn with the warmth and love that we have for our beautiful son.
If you would, light a candle for him. Let him feel the warmth of all those who love him and wish him well on his journey to the next place."

Please light a candle for Rowan, and send prayers of peace to his family. I'm picturing a powerful Oakesie inspired vortex filling their house. I am picturing Oakes, gym shoes and diaper and a huge toothy grin waiting for his friend. I am picturing a perfect Rowan free from his body while peace and love insulate Evelyn, Elle and Matt while they say good bye to their sweet baby Rowan. 

This picture was taken in March. I photographed Rowan & family on the day they were discharged from SLCH. Rowan wouldn't take his eyes off of his Mom, and Elle could not stop smiling. It is still a beautiful sight!

While Elle and Matt were cleaning out their room before discharge, I was snapping pictures. And this is still a beautiful sight - leads and wires that Rowan once needed were discarded and dropped in a chair. 
In the most simple way, this meant he was free to go.

We love you sweet Rowan.
Smooch Oakes for me. XO


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  1. Sending love to Rowan and his family. Difficult time for their family, wishing for peace and support from their loved ones as they continue this difficult journey.

    MI love,