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Monday, June 11, 2012

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Mighty Oakes Celebration

Hosted by The Ortyl Family

scottmalchow posted a comment.

“Sorry we are in London. Have a great celebration of his life, thoughts are with you!”

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  1. Dear Ortyl Family,
    It’s more the lessons I’ve learned because of Oakes and through Oakes, I think, which, in my mind, makes him the Message Carrier. He was an instrument who was here to teach me and inspire me through his family most of all. The beauty of his mother’s words, Becky, as you shared with such magical love and in such compassionate detail his every procedure and each result with such deliberate care. You included so much affection and gratitude for each individual responsible for every portion of his medical care with gentleness, humility and love. The simplicity with which you described the complexity of some procedures, and the gentle humor that came through with the telling made some of the terribleness of the process almost bearable when it was impossible to picture such invasion on such a tiny, helpless person. Becky, you spoke with such dignity as you included Oakes and Isla together giving a level of familial unity that raised the bar to a level so close to normalcy that all the tubes and tape almost seemed like costume material or window dressing, in a special play area shared by two honored and special siblings. And Greg, you added such strength of belief, coaxing smiles and posing photos that played on screens across America into homes for people who grew familiar enough to “know” you all without ever meeting any one of you. Yes, Oakes was an instrument, a messenger, a player in God’s magnificent, unknowable Plan.When you held his tiny hand you began a circle that connected you as receiver and also deliverer of God's message of Hope and strength. Oakes was so sweet and so precious as tooth upon tooth sprouted like stars leaping from the skies reminding us where he came from and where he would be returning when his work here was done. I feel humbled to have been a part of Oakes message plan, but even more, I will forever be grateful to have been taught just how powerful each one of us can be as God’s instruments, each one of us are God’s messengers and it is our responsibility to remember that is why we are here for however long we are granted time until our time is finished. God Speed, little Oakes, God Speed. Your job is Complete. The rest is up to us.

    Meredith Dobson, Pittsburgh, PA.