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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lessons From Oakes

Not only have Greg and I been showered with emails, text messages, phone calls, snail mail, Facebook messages and posts, gifts and goodies left at the house, but our family and even our friends are forwarding us messages that they are receiving from their family and friends about Oakes', his life, our family and how we together have touched their lives.

We are truly overwhelmed. Overwhelmed in possibly the best way and at possibly the hardest time in our lives. In an attempt to manage our tears we are slowly reading your messages. But we don't want them to stop.

Last night, I stayed up with my Mom and sister Sarah chatting, like we have done every night since they arrived a few days ago. We were sitting in the living room, all in jammies, ready for bed with our laptops open and the internet pulled up. As we took turns reading the most amazing and supportive messages out loud to each other, this idea was born.

We have set up an email account and ask that you write to us - Please, tell us what lessons you have learned from Oakes. Please include where you live, who you are, and how you learned about our Mighty Oakes. Sarah commented that we have been sharing with you for so long, we have inadvertently been teaching you, and it is the perfect time for us to receive and learn the lessons that we have been teaching.

I am excited to hear what my brilliant baby taught you and how my little family opening up to the world has impacted others.

To kick start the lovefest I would like to share a lesson that I have learned and have been learning since Oakes' congenital heart defect diagnosis when I was 20 weeks pregnant:

The unexpected kindness of a stranger, whether a surgeon, a nurse, a parking lot attendent, a volenteer or a FB friend of a friend is a powerful reminder that we are all connected and that taking care of each other is what living this life is all about.

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