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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two & Too: Two years, Two months, Too much fun with the Broermanns, Two at the Zoo, Too cute and Two Cute Ortyl Cousins!

Two Years.

Two Months.

Isla watching Oakes squirm around in his crib.

Too much fun with the Broermanns:


The rain ruined our plans to hit the zoo, so the party moved to the hotel pool!

Gray and his turtle cookie!

Three handsome Broermanns!

Fox cousins!

Beau and Oakes!

Two at the Zoo!
We decorated some of Isla's animals for the birthday celebration then finally hit the zoo, even though we were on our own and weeks late!

Before we loaded into the car!

Sunscreen, hat, snacks in our pockets...

....a happy baby....

...and a happy Isla!

We saw the Rhinos so we could report back to Gray-Gray, they are his favorite, but Isla cried, they are not her favorite!

Watching the elephants, Isla loved them! She kept counting them, and commenting that they were a "mesh" and they were playing in the water!

Dippin' dots.....Jackpot!!

Too cute, with her helmet and new balance bike.

One of Islas favorite things to do...."hold Oat!"

Two cute Ortyl cousins!


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  1. Beautiful pics, Becky! In the one with Sarah and Isla P. in navy stripes, Sal looks like a combo between my sister Bridgid and my mom. I guess they must all be Foxy ladies! :) Love to all.