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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Latest pictures

Lots of smiles and crazy hair. When Oakes has a good day, we all have a good day. Oakes was just moved from the CICU to 7West, the step-down unit. We literally moved about 30 feet, but it is 30 feet closer to home, and we should be home in about a week!

These were taken on Monday...lots of smiles!

Oakes watching his mobile.

...and swinging at it!

Last weekend my brother Phillip got married in Oklahoma City. After hearing from the Attending CICU doctor that he thought I could do a 24 hours trip, I packed Isla and we were off. We had a wonderful time! Referring to the weekend Isla will tell you, "Just girls, two planes!"

Mr & Mrs Fox!

Hanging out at the airport with Ena and T-Franny!

Around and around they went!

Isla having a hollywood moment!

Isla loves her family!

These pictures were taken several weeks ago when Oakes was still sedated and intubated. The nurse was changing his bedding and I got to hold him for about two minutes. Two minutes that we both LOVED!
The last three images were from the scary night when we were told that Oakes would not make it through the night. We had T-Franny bring Isla up to give Oakes kisses and we also had Oakes baptised. We are so grateful and thankful for every little miracle that has happened in our and Oakes' life to get us to where we are today (refer to the first picture in this post)!

Love and hugs to everyone that continues to support us and pray for Oakes and our family! XOXO

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