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Friday, September 18, 2009

I Love My Husband.

Tonight Greg made dinner. I am in heaven. I think it is one of the first times he made "grown-up" food for me. You know, something other than Kraft mac and cheese, Prego and pasta, etc. Grilled Salmon with a spicy rub + grilled veggies + a yummy Oregon Pinot Noir = A happy wife! Thank you, Gee! (And Thank you, DL! Your no slacker! Can I send him back to you quarterly for new recipes and instruction?)

While Greg was prepping I was of course snapping pictures, and distracting him with Isla's new "do".

We decided to eat outside, its a nice cool night here - the best ending to a crazy couple of weeks!

*I have to give Greg MORE props...he makes a mean breakfast, and the best homemade cookies.

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