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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Isla + family and friends.

We just returned from a quick trip back to Saint Louis where we visited with friends and family. We loved seeing everyone and were sad to go! I have posted some of the best pics below but of course there are more on KodakGallery, just click here.

Isla with her two of her new BFF's, Mary and Paige.

The growing group of Friday Girls (minus Anna, boo!)

McDowell girls + Ortyl girls.

Margie and David with Isla and I. Only 2.5 months old and I'm already scouting cute boys for her!

Ellen and Cate holding Isla

I'm pretty sure Isla was fixated on the TV watching the Home Run Derby in this shot.

Sarah and Olivia Rauls taking turns holding Isla. Olivia, we will be sure to get a picture of you holding Isla next time!

Kristin and her pup friend.

The Family - Shani & Jamie Wahl with Baby Harper, Greg and Jane, Greg, Isla and I and Aunt Naa.

The cousins with (their Great) Aunt Naa.

Greg and Shani with the babies.

Too cute!

Becky and Baby Harper.

Greg and Harper.

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