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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 7: My Last Day at Hospital del Torax & Dinner at Gino’s

I just got back from dinner at Gino’s with the entire Team Honduras (except for the two CICU nurses who were on the night shift). It was great to relax and eat some great Italian food with old friends! But’s less than a week since we met!

There is an interesting web of connections here. Some of the team members have worked together before: either on missions or at a hospital somewhere in North America. Others went to med school, or nursing school, or high school together and decided that a great way to spend time together is to volunteer on the same medical mission and meet up in an interesting part of the world. About a third of the team came from Canada. Most of the team members are frequent travelers and there have been many conversations about favorite trips and travel stories. Also a lot of friendly teasing about nationalities, states, and regions of the country.

We’ve had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together for the past week. We’ve sat waiting on the bus for someone who was running late in the morning, or who couldn’t drag themselves out of the hospital at night, and held our breath together ridding through this crazy traffic. We’ve spent a lot of time in the ICU together, sometimes scrambling to take care of sick babies and other times sharing stories while we wait for new patients to return from the OR. Great memories from spending a week with so many stellar professionals who have given up their vacations and time off, and paid their way to Honduras.

Joining a mission to South America was something I had considered years ago, but never did it. I wouldn’t have joined this trip, either, if it hadn’t been for Oakes and his journey, or for Becky asking me to go and represent the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation. So if you’ve been reading this blog, and you’re  thinking “...I could do that!” or  “I’ve always wanted to do that” maybe now’s the time. Maybe now’s the time to do it. No matter what your skill set, there is role that you could fill. And especially, if you speak Spanish, there is a great need for people who can help translate.

I have more interviews to type up and stories to share, but for tonight I’m just going to end it with a few photos of the staff. I’ll get a chance to say goodbye to them when they file onto the bus, and then I’ll be heading to the airport about 10 am, but won’t arrive home until 10 pm.

Thanks to all who have followed the blog for the past week. It has been a true honor to represent my strong and brave little grandson, Oakes, on this mission trip. Please check back in tomorrow for another interview.

(Becky: Connie did not label these so I don't know who is who, but I love them all in a MIGHTY way!
Thank you, International Children's Heart Foundation for letting MOHF tag along on this mission. You have opened our eyes CHD families around the globe, and needs that are much bigger than what we have experiences in our wonderful, developed and privileged country. 

I am excited about where this partnership will go, and how it will allow us to support more families.

As Connie, mentioned she has more posts to share. We are also going to post an interview that between she and I, and I have lots to share on my own.....stay posted!)

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