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Friday, April 12, 2013

An important reminder and a heart warming story to go with it!

I operate from lists. I think in lists. If it isn't on the list it isn't getting done. And, ohhhh, the joy of scratching something off of the list. If you are a list person too, please add to the top of your list for this weekend: BUY MOHF GEAR!!!

SUNDAY is the final day that you can order our once in a lifetime, limited edition, super stylish Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation/ St. Louis Cardinals gear.

We were given very special permission by the St. Louis Cardinals to use their logo for this event. Once these shirts are ordered we will not be re-ordering. And we are only ordering what we getting orders for now, so if you even kinda, sorta are interested in some of our MIGHTY gear - go with your gut and order NOW!!

One reason to order is because this purchase/donation is tax deductible. Even more, as with all of our fundraisers, Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation is keeping all of the profits from our shirt sales to help families like ours who are caring for a little one that has a CHD.

Here is a story that will illustrate just where those profits are going. I hope this will warm your heart.

A couple of weeks ago we were asked to help a family that is in St. Louis from a neighboring state. This family has 2 babies. Twins. One perfectly healthy, one with a complicated little heart that is requiring intensive care at our beloved SLCH. The parents are stressed to the max worrying about their sick child, but their stress is double. It doesn't matter if their sick little love bug is having a good day or not there is another little love bug that needs them and requires all of the attention that any healthy newborn demands. To complicate things the Ronald McDonald house which is a quick 10 minute drive from the hospital, is undergoing renovations and they are not accepting new or long term families. There is however, a small hotel that is connected to St. Louis Children's Hospital. A quick walk through a maze of raised walkways connects the two structures. When we learned about this special family who's attention is so stressfully divided we immediately agreed to help. I can only imagine the chaos of healthy twins. I cannot begin to wrap my brain around how this family is managing the stress of one healthy newborn and one in the CICU. But, I feel honored that we can help. I am thrilled that we can help lift some of the burden from their shoulders. I hope that by being able to stay so close to the hospital this family is able to relax as much as they can and enjoy their time together.

Tshirt sales and babies is the CICU are really worlds apart in the big picture of what is important in life, but every little bit count. Those small numbers add up and allow us to help very deserving and needy families in very big ways

So, here are the details, you can buy our gear here:

We will stop selling gear on Sunday BUT WE WILL CONTINUE TO SELL TICKETS to the Baseball game for several more weeks. And you can buy those tickets here:

Just to show you what we are selling:

 Our classic cotton MOHF T in Cardinal red

A dry fit Polo with both MOHF and Cards logos

A super cute polo for kids

A visor with both logos

Dual logo hat in both adult sizes and kids

Our special game day Tshirt

Thank you for your ongoing support. Thank you for supporting our family, but for also supporting MOHF so that we can support others. The peace and warmth that comes to our lives because of the work that we are doing is therapeutic in the biggest way. We hope to see many of you at the baseball game in May and we hope to see everyone there in our awesome gear!

Mighty love, 

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