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Friday, March 15, 2013

Baseball tickets for sale!!!

Hello Friends!
Back in January I shared that we had been asked to participate in the Congenital Heart Night at Busch stadium and we are starting to sell tickets to that game now!

We have a page set up on our website where you can not only buy tickets to the game but you can also buy some super stylish and super mighty merchandise.

Please check it all out! We will stop selling merchandise in mid-April, so please put this on your to-do list, and get over and make a purchase before it is too late!

We are SO very excited about the game. Greg is as cool as a cucumber when the topic comes up and I start doing a little jig - which is REALLY weird for each of us to react in these ways! Isla seems to follow my lead but then she will get really serious and explain that she DOES NOT want to see Fred bird that day. That being said, I think we will all shed a few tears at the stadium!

  Two Falls ago, Isla in her Cards gear cheering the Red birds on....

 And Oakesie in his....

In the next day or two we hope to share more exciting news about the game and an extra special person that will be joining Greg on the field in the pre-game ceremony. Details are not final so I can't blab about it, but as soon as I can, I will. I think all Oakesie lovers, SLCH fans, CHD supporters and Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation friends will be excited to hear this news.

Ok, so for now.....please go and shop!
Be Mighty and GO CARDS!

And if you do not want tickets to the game, but only want to shop for some super mighty merchadise you can go to this link....

Feel free to message me with any questions or issues at all!

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