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Monday, January 7, 2013

A few minor details

So now that the date is saved, just a quick correction and insights to share.

To start, this deal with ACHA and CHF was officially agreed upon last Friday. We knew it was in the works before then, but this weekend has been excitingly crazy with emails and messages flying back and forth between the organizers. The whole time I have been trying to soak it all up and understand the event and our role in it.

How the event really works is that everyone participating in the Busch stadium event has committed to selling tickets for the game. This is why I asked that you buy them through us. Together we need to sell 750 tickets. I think this is very doable. MOHF will also get a portion of the tickets that we sell.

We will be given a bundle of tickets mostly in the right field upper deck and lower deck. The tickets may skip numbers here and there so it will be our job to sort through them and sell them all off. I was incorrect in saying they would be $30, I was corrected today and told they will be closer to $40 but we won't know exactly for several more weeks. Significant difference, I apologize, but I hope I don't lose anyone because of this.

Once the Cardinals print the tickets we will pick them up, sort then, and then begin to sell them and distribute them. We are going to try to make this simple and set up sales online, so that once a payment is made we can mail you your tickets. And I am desperate to streamline Tshirt sales (Of course, fancy red MOHF shirts are in the works, and we are looking into a special "Oakes" jersey option too), my dream is that they could be pre-ordered online and payed for with a ticket order. It is likely that tickets will not be printed until the end of February or early March, so hang in there and just get the event on your calender, please.

Thank you all so much! It was so much fun to share such exciting news with you again, and we LOVED getting all of the joyful messages from everyone today!

XO, Becky

Isla last year, my other super cute Ortyl baby, Cardinals fan!

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  1. I am so excited for you, your family, and the foundation! Going to try and make the trip for the game, if not, certainly want a shirt/tickets no matter what! And... Go Cards!!