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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's update

The brief update is that Oakes is peeing!

The prayers, the good vibes, heart strings and dances are working!

We played water sounds on Pandora for most of the day. And I held Oakes for a little over 2 hours, which was much needed therapy for both of us. When I picked him up his heart rate was in the 140's, his Oxygen saturation was in the 80's and his breath volumes on the vent were in the 60's. All of those numbers are just OK for Oakes. When I held him his heart rate came down to the 90's, his O2 was 100%, and his volumes went up to the 80's....all fantastic numbers. Proof that I need to hold him more! Plus, amazing nurse Ali was able to wean his Oxygen from 45 to 35 while I was holding him. All of this means we had a fantastic day today. And we plan to repeat this again tomorrow.

Thank you for all of the LOVE and support. We are blessed to the moon and back to have family and friends that are rooting for us, lifting us up, and doing little dances to help us and our little family. We LOVE you all. 

Here is Oakes lying "prone". He is on top of his boppy, and with the water sounds in his room today I really just kept thinking that he was on the CICU lazy river! 

The good thing about Oakes spending time on his belly is that I finally got a chance to really cut the hair on the back of his head, and to photograph the ever so handsome lone freckle on his back!
 I took these pictures on Saturday. Isla and Greg came up to see Oakes after soccer practice. Melt my heart....

(Oakes' temperature was a little low, so he had this little "blanket" covering him to warm him up. It was basically a little raft, with holes poked in one side and warm air blew out of it evenly distributing the warm air. Apparently being paralysed can effect the bodies ability to regulate temperature, but this is one of the first times in a long time that Oakes needed to we warmed up!)
And this was from today, while I was holding my sweet Oakes. Yes, he is #1, but we were really channeling #1!


  1. Keeping those images of flowing water and expanded lungs in my mind for Oakes today. Keep the pee going!
    Much love,

  2. Us dialysis nurses love pee! Yay pee! He is getting sooo big, and handsome as ever! Prayers continuing for Oakes. :)
    Dialysis/ pheresis RN