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Monday, March 5, 2012

5 days and counting.

You better believe we are counting the days.

We have kind of graduated from having boring days to having good days, and even great days. Today has been pretty great.

Oakes napped in his swing, he ate chocolate pudding with his girlfriend Elizabeth, he had a nice workout with Rebecca, he napped some more, his diaper exploded up his back, he got a bath then blew out another diaper. He had lots of smiles for Momma, and every other visitor that stopped in to see him. Now, as I type and Isla snoozes Oakes is hanging out with his Pappa. There were big plans to change his trach, watch ESPN, read books, shoot out some work emails, and just have guy time.

Guy time:

This was Oakes today.

And this was Oakes eating blue bananas last week.


I mentioned some time ago that on Oakes birthday there is an American Lung Association fundraiser here in St. Louis called "Flight For Air 2012" The event takes place at the Metropolitan building in downtown St. Louis, and you simply climb 40 flights of stairs from the ground floor straight up to the top! Oakes' aunt Shani's best friend Katie Smith has organized a "Mighty Oakes" team for the event. I believe there are 16 of us. The team consists of a loving and athletic group of Oakes supporters, some family, old and new friends and a handful of the most amazing nurses ever.

I have never participated in any kind of race and honestly when Katie emailed me about the event I thought there was no way that I could climb 40 flights of stairs in one day. I am not a runner, I am not in great shape, I have not been in a gym for at least a year, and I mean when would I have time to get ready for this?! My training has been light at best. I take the stairs whenever I can. At the hospital, in the parking garage, whenever. When Oakes has napped in the past few months I have pushed myself out of his room and down the stairwell to the basement and then back up to the 12th floor. There have been 2 practice climbs at the Met and both times I surprised myself, finishing in less that fifteen minutes.

So, we will kick off Oakes birthday with a brisk walk up 40 flights of stairs. Oakes will be honored at the Climb as a "Lung Hero." There will be a poster in the lobby of the Met with his picture and brief bio. The climb organizers have indicated that they will have balloons and cake for us after the race. And they have sent out a press release to local media about Oakes and his inspiring life story. Amy, one of the organizers told me that they have had some pretty amazing "Lung Heros" over the years, but Oakes might be the most special one they have ever had! Which of course, I already knew.

If you are so inclined, please check out my fundraising page, read why myself and my amazing team members are climbing, and even donate to our team. We are close to reaching our goal, but could use a little boost!

My page:

My teams page:

XOXO, Becky

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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet baby Oakes! We love you!!

    Colleen, Billy, Liam and Ciara