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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursdays update.

We are bored. Still paralyzed, but bored. Oakes is peeing well, and we are weaning some of his meds, with the plan to let him wake up this weekend. His room is quiet, cold and filled with Coldplay music today.

Dee Dee just peaked her head in the room, gave me the thumbs up and said that United Healthcare has approved the stents! One more big hurdle behind us. Now we need Oakes to continue to pee, and wake up so that he can have his airways measured and the stents can officially be ordered.

I have gotten a dozen emails about T-shirts so my order list is growing! I should have mentioned that the shirts are $15.00. You can snail mail a check to us, or you can go to, and donate using paypal.

Thanks for the prayers and sweet words, we have missed all of you too!
XO, Becky

Adorable Oakes. Sleeping with his heart bib from Gramma Jan....

....and Valentine socks from Yvonne!

And then there is my sweet Isla P, smiling cause she is not in a diaper today and she is toting two babies around with us, Puppy & Foxie.

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  1. I'd love an women's med & a kids small. Fb me your address and I'll mail u a check this weekend!