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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Latest Images.

We have been so very busy lately, two children is definitely more challenging than one especially with the extra tubes and tape, monitors and nurses visiting us at home. My camera is never too far from my reach, I am just so slow to upload them and share. Thanks again for all of your love and support!

These images were taken in early April when Oakes first came home from the hospital. This was the very first time that Isla got to hold him and she just loving having him close. She is the sweetest sister. She always wants to kiss him and rub his head. She is also quick to identify his facial features..."Oats eyes, Oats nose, Oats ears", as she points to each feature, and she always ends with "Oats booboo" and points to the tape on his face.

Aunt Shani with her little Oakes! Thank you Shani for coming to stay with us and help out, we miss you!!

Greg and his little Gorgeous snuggling up at the end of the day!

Isla checking in on Oakes...the sweetest thing ever. There have actually been times that I will bring Oakes to Isla and ask her to talk to him and be sweet and he will calm down when he hears her voice. Isla always knows where Oakes is and what he is up to and he will track her voice and noises when she is around. I think I have a strong bond with my siblings, but the connection between Isla and Oakes just seems amazing to me!

On May 1, Isla turned two! Maybe one of these years we will have some kind of party for her. For now, it has just been us, a cake and a candle!

Isls hearts Ashby, and Ashby kinda hearts Isla these days!

Our Mighty Oakes! These pictures were taken right before we left the hospital in April....our sweet, sweet little man!

Oh, and we had a visit from the Blues mascot, Louie along with a few Blues players. (I have NO idea which players they were...?!)

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