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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day!!

We woke up to a beautiful snow this morning. We must have about 6" and absolutely no plans to leave the house.

7:30 am, Watching the squirrels jump around in the snow.

8:00 am, Enjoying dry cereal on the floor while Ashby pushes her way through the baby gate!

10:15am, Art class: "Painting with Momma." We experimented with brushes, fingers, then both hands. We observed what happens when we mix colors, and what happens when you get paint in your hair, up to your elbows and on every surface in arms reach!
Isla loved making a "mesh!", she is an A+ student.

Noonish, Lunch: We started off with a clementine. Isla stood at her table and completely pealed the clementine, got a plate for her "babies" and piled up the wedges in front of them. Such a sweetie!

Piggie chowing down on her clemmy.

1:15, Slowing down. Pappa joined us for lunch and got to snuggle with Isla a bit before she went up for a nap and he went up to close some deals! A busy morning for everyone!

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