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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Twelve Month Pictures.

So, here is the last monthly pictures for Isla's first year, as well as updates on what our little Tootbug is up to.

New things that Isla is saying:

She now says "Hi" and "Du" for duck.
Anything that is new or exciting gets a loud, "Ooooo."

New things she is doing:

She will open and close her hands in the direction of an object or person if she wants it/them. As in, "I want that!", and "come and get me!"

She is scooting faster than ever, and her legs are covered in little bruises from all of her little falls.

She will stand from sitting, surf on anything that will support her, and is effortlessly climbing up stairs!

She drinks from a straw and eats with a fork!

She has one freckle on her right shoulder and 6 pearly white teeth.

I am not sure what her weight is but she is definitely gaining. I picked her up from a nap last Thursday and was certain that she grew 3 inches and gained several pounds in about 90 minutes. We are planning on turning the car seat around by the end of the week.

Our little one that would eat anything, is now not as agreeable. She will easily eat any kind of bread product and pasta is a no-brainer also. But the peas that she used to love do not get such a warm welcome. We have learned that if we both eat and make lots of "mmm" sounds she will at least try what we are offering. The poor people that sit by us in restaurants!

At our favorite Mexican restaurant that we go to Isla loves to dip her chips in the salsa. She seems genuinely happy as she is dipping her chip, which makes Greg and I giggle each time!

Even though she is still as sweet as ever we have seen a few tantrums. Crying, tears, arms flailing, throwing her body doesn't last long and we seem to be outsmarting her for now, but it makes me a little nervous about the future!!

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