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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Isla is 8 Months Old!

On January 1, Isla turned 8 months old! In the last month we have hit a couple of big milestones. For one, she is sleeping through the night. She goes down around 7pm and will sleep til about 7am! Can I hear a hip-hip-hooray? She also has stopped nursing. She seemed to just lose interest, and was much more interested in holding a bottle, sitting up, looking around, or sit at the table and eat real food with us! She is a great eater and just recently tried blueberries which she loves. She would much rather feed herself that have me spoon feed her. After 9 months of pregnancy and 8 of nursing I have happily reclaimed my body...moving on! Isla has started saying Mama, and she says Ena, who is my Mom! I know they are just sounds right now, but I love hearing them. I thought last month that a few more teeth were about to pop through, but they haven't. We are still watching and waiting. In the mean time, Greg is brushing the two teeth that she does have every night. I know I don't have to mention it but she is sweeter than ever, healthy and happy, and we couldn't love her anymore than we already do!!

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