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Monday, October 5, 2009

Isla is 5 months!

Isla was 5 months last Tuesday.
We can hardly believe it.
This is what Isla is doing now....
Isla is on the verge of sitting. She is a bit of a weeble wobble on her own, but she is very strong. She doesn't like laying around much anymore, she is much happier propped up. Her hands are much more coordinated. She can pick up her toys, or anything that is placed in front of her (cell phones, eyeglasses, you name it.) And when we are holding her she will lunge for things. She is also really chatty. She talks in a real whisper sometimes, other times she just squeals and screams in the highest pitch. Lots of drool and fingers in the mouth, we're on the look out for teeth. We occasionally find her sucking her thumb. As we have mentioned before she loves Ashby. She also loves the bird mobile in her nursery, and the nightlight that casts stars on all of the walls. She smiles at strangers pretty easily, and just fell in love with all of the recent visitors we had. She is not really ticklish but she likes the game of being tickled, the anticipation and the attention, I think. She also loves going for walks in the stroller. The other major recent change is that she is now sleeping in her crib through the night. Thank goodness.

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  1. read that all over again but this time think of me and not isla when you read "she." I'd say about 90% of your update is applicable!