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Saturday, August 29, 2009

IPO Update.

Isla was 17 weeks old yesterday, and will be 4 months on Tuesday!

She is a happy and sweet girl. She is so much fun right now, and we just keep hearing that it is only going to get better.

Isla has recently made a couple big discoveries. For one she can pretty much completely support her head. She sits in her purple chair for quite awhile without wobbling around like a little bobble head. She is very alert, she will turn her head to check out a sound or a new voice. She LOVES watching Ashby and will even smile and giggle at her. We have discovered that when she smiles really big she has a dimple under her left eye, its little but its there! Isla has also starting reaching for things, and she can control her little fingers enough to grasp onto something and then it always goes to the mouth! This week she found her feet, and those too, go to the mouth. Along with all of her cute noises and cooing she has started making a "th" sound which is accompanied by lots of drool. Sometimes it sounds like she is about to give us the raspberries. Super cute. Finally, Isla is on the verge of rolling over. She can already roll from her tummy to her back. Once she figures out how to get her arm/shoulder out of the way she will be back and forth all day long, I'm sure. Everyday she spends time on her little activity mat and for the last two weeks I will put her down, and within minutes she has rocked and wiggled her way off of the mat completely. We are so excited to see her move more, but I'm sure once that happens we will miss our blob of a baby that didn't move. I think I need to have the video camera on stand by to record some of this.

Hope you are all doing well. We miss everyone so much!

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